​​Who benefits from coaching?

- Students adjusting to new environments, like college or boarding schools. 
- International students adjusting to living in a new culture and the expectations of a new school.
- Employees looking to maximize their job potential. 
- Individuals facing transitions including retirement or career changes.
- Millennials having completed college seeking to successfully navigate the work environment.
- Anyone looking to develop resilience. 
- Small business owners who are looking to increase engagement and interpersonal relationships among their employees. 

A successful person who has achieved goals throughout life can reach a point where they need that little push to reach the next level. 


"I need somebody to help me answer these questions."

"...Is it time for a change?"

"...Could I be getting more out of my life?"

"...Am I in a rut?"

Coaching is a collaborative relationship. All through life we face varieties of transitions. The aspects of ones life fit together like the pieces of a complex puzzle. Do you feel like you have all the pieces, but they need arranging?  Maybe you just need someone to ask you the right questions. The coaching process helps clarify the picture.

I adopt a very positive perspective to help a coaching client recognize and build on their strengths. In my years of working with people, I find helping them establish good life habits to be the most rewarding. I teach people how to flourish in their lives. I can help you to use tangible tools to develop resilience and affect positive change in your life.   


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Coaching - Now accepting international clients! 

Janet Schrager Ph.D.


"It was a pleasure to work with Janet as my coach. She was warm, patient, encouraging, and supportive, generous with her knowledge and gentle with her style. As a result of working with Janet for just a few sessions I was able to make significant changes in my life and lifestyle. I have made progress on some goals that have been important for me for a long time. Working with Janet helped me gain clarity on how to achieve a greater sense of meaning and purpose in my life. I highly recommend that you hire Janet as your coach if you really want to make some significant changes in your life." - Doreen L. 
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Disclaimer: Coaching is not psychotherapy. While I am a psychologist, I am not offering therapy when I am in a coaching relationship. 

Powerful Questions

Clarifying Goals