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Janet Schrager Ph.D.

Employers who have hired millennials might be faced with a balancing act of their own. Understanding the goals of young employees and helping them to move forward in the culture of their workplace benefits both the employer and their employee. Fostering the talents of employees improves motivation and work loyalty.  
​​​Millennials now make up an important part of my client base. 
Many of the students I have worked with at the beginning of my professional career have progressed through school, graduated from college, and are now in the work force. Challenges addressed as they developed are revisited while mastering their new world of work.

As a positive psychologist, I take a sincere interest in this age group. I have spent my career guiding young people through transitional periods, I see it as a natural step to continue helping these same individuals as they launch their careers. In order to meet and exceed the expectations of their jobs in corporations, small businesses, and graduate school, they must maximize the strengths they have developed throughout their education.

The habits and tendencies of millennials are unique to this upcoming generation. The drive of these ultra prepared individuals must be channelled and honed to effectively produce good workers.  I am suited to help millennials plan to realistically balance a career, thrive in a challenging economy, and maintain an enriching personal life.