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For more information and strategies for navigating life changes read William Bridges' book "Transitions".

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" I am getting married..."

New Beginning - You finish with a new beginning. The new beginning takes us to the new place that is different. It includes what we learned about ourselves from the neutral zone. We are prepared for a meaningful new opportunity. 

Important elements of our lives make up a mosaic, patterns overlapping and intersecting each other. When an important stage of our life comes to an end, it can be difficult or unnerving. 
"I am entering retirement..."
"I lost my job..."
"I had a death in my family..."
Transitions are opportunities to learn about yourself and to explore new beginnings. Make use of your strengths as you take on the challenge of change. Learn to master the transitions in your life as though crossing the bridge from one place to the next. 
"My youngest child left for college..."
"My first child was born..."

The Neutral Zone - Once something familiar in our life comes to an end, our instinct is to begin to prepare for the next step. Rather we should take some time to process this change and get to know ourselves.This is where we experience the not knowing that is associated with a transition. This can create anxiety-but tolerating these feelings allows us to set ourselves up for a new beginning.  

"I graduated college-now what?..."
​"My best friend moved away...."
"I want to change careers..."

Endings - As we go through life, what we are familiar with is always changing. Sometimes we have control over this change and sometimes we do not.  There is an end to what we know and how we know it. What we do with that end is up to us. 

"I left home to go to boarding school..."