Psychological Testing

Coaching - Now accepting international clients! 

Janet Schrager Ph.D.

What brings you to a psychologist?

There are people who seek to reach higher goals and enjoy life to its fullest. Coaching teaches people to flourish and live a meaningful life.

Coaching helps people find their strengths and use them to achieve their goals and ambitions. The relationship between coach and client is a  co-relatoinship which derives from support and guidance. Coaching is for people who are creative resourceful and whole, who are looking to take life to the next level. 

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What brings you to a psychologist?

Disclaimer: Psychotherapy and coaching are separate services. I enter into either a psychotherapist role with a patient or coaching role with a client exclusively and cannot function in both capacities for an individual. If I provide psychotherapy for a patient at any time I cannot be a coach to them in the future (and vice versa). 

What is well being?

What brings you to a coach?

Well being is a product of physical and mental elements in our lives that affect us in a positive way. Mental health and stability are important components of well being. 

Not everyone can achieve well being on their own. Psychotherapy brings people closer to well being and stability by improving their mental health. The therapist addresses mental illness and adjustment problems. 

Transitions can present some of life's biggest challenges. There are transitions we choose, and those we do not; some are more difficult then others. Some transitions destabilize us and we need the help of a psychologist. Transitions occur at all ages and include events such as divorce, retirement, or school adjustment. The psychologist helps to maintain the stability of the individual and the family as they progress through transitions.

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