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Psychology Services

As a practicing licensed clinical psychologist for over 30 years I provide both psychotherapy and psychological testing services. By providing a safe, caring, and confidential environment, individuals can share their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.  Through ongoing therapeutic conversations, and appropriate diagnotic testing tools, I can identifiy and respond to patient concerns, offer a diagnosis and progress to a follow-up treatment plan.

In-Person and Virtual Sessions available

Psychotherapy: Services

One-on-one Sessions

All Ages

Therapy Session

Through individual psychotherapy counseling sessions, I can provide the person  with a means to achieve goals they may not have been able to find on their own. This is the first step towards improved confidence, mood, and success in relationships, school or work place. My practice includes adults, adolescents, and children.

Group Sessions

School / Work

Group Discussion

Feelings and thoughts that impact mood and create anxiety, can lead to dysfunction at school, work, and at home. Depending on the need, I offer presentations and therapy to various groups in order to educate, as well as improve coping and performance. Bonus: the tools learned can be generalized to be successfully applied to multiple scenarios!

Families in Conflict


Through my years as a clinical psychologist I have found that issues occurring within the family dynamic can deeply affect all family members. In the case of marital discord, parent/child issues, family transtitions, etc. no matter the ages, the resulting conflict is stressful for all involved. I provide many services for families and individuals, both with and without children, that ensure everyone's needs are met throughout the entire process. 

Collaborative Divorce
& Conflict Management

With specific training in the collaborative divorce process, including a parenting plan when needed. Additionally, I can help resolve any unforseen potential conflicts that may arise both during and after the divorce is finalized.

Young Family with Pet Dog
Distanced Couple

Co-Parenting Coordination
& Family Consultation

I help parents maintain their ability to work together to raise their children in what is now their 'new normal' . During and/or after the divorce, I can help parents who continue to need help in resolving ongoing conflict related to parenting.

Kids Playing Carnival Game

Parenting Plan &
Schedule Development

The development of the parenting 
schedule is very challenging. My background in child development and my work with school-aged children have given me a perspective that is helpful to parents as they form a schedule that the children's needs remain a priority and works for all involved.

Families in Conflict
Meeting with a Lawyer

Divorce Education

I can help individuals to effectively explore the impact their choices could have on themselves and others, helping them to consider the developmental and psychological implications they will face.

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