Psychotherapy occurs when a trained therapist provides a safe, caring, and confidential environment, where one or more individuals can share their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors. A trusting relationship is developed where the patient(s) is listened to by the psychologist. While providing a listening and caring atmosphere, the therapist identifies and responds to the concerns of the patient. Through ongoing conversations, the psychologist then provides a diagnosis on which treatment is based.

Individual Psychotherapy

Through psychotherapy, many patients seek to improve confidence, mood, and success in relationships. This can include overall adjustment in the school or work place. It provides the individual with a means to achieve goals they may not have been able to find on their own. My practice includes adults, adolescents, and children.


Feelings and thoughts impact mood, adjustment, and anxiety. Integrating past experiences with coping strategies is critical in how individuals learn to deal with their present and future.  Processing problems have an impact on the ability to master the activities of school and life. ADHD, Executive Function Disorders, and learning disabilities are manageable with help and willingness to implement strategies.


Families in Conflict

Through my years of working with children of various ages, it is often apparent that issues occurring within the family affect them. With divorce and the resulting conflict being stressful for all involved, it is often challenging to prioritize the well-being of the child. I provide many services for families experiencing divorce.

Divorce Education

There are developmental and psychological questions facing adults considering divorce. I can therefore advise on the emotional impact that their choices could have on themselves and others.

Collaborative Divorce
& Conflict Management

I have completed collaborative divorce training and can assist parents in the collaborative divorce process. During or after the divorce, I can help parents who continue to need help in resolving conflict related to parenting.

Co-Parenting Coordination
& Family Consultation

I help parents maintain their ability to work together in raising their children.  During or after the divorce, I can help parents who continue to  need help in resolving conflict related to parenting.

Parenting Plan &
Schedule Development

The development of the parenting 
schedule is very challenging. My background in child development and my work with school-aged children have given me a perspective that is helpful to parents as they form a schedule that works for all involved.



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